ISO 18844:杂散光测试标准

ISO 18844 is a flare calculation that works with diagonal arrays of high density light traps (black holes). Imatest’s original veiling glare analysis only measures a single localized spot, but the effects of flare can vary at different locations within the field of your lens.

ISO 18844 measurement type C (using a single image of a chart with light traps) has been added to the Imatest Uniformity and Uniformity Interactive modules of Imatest 5.0. Its operation is described in the Veiling Glare page.

ISO 18844 是一种耀斑计算,适用于高密度光阱(黑洞)的对角线阵列。 Imatest 原始的面纱眩光分析仅测量单个局部点,但在镜头视野内的不同位置,眩光的影响可能会有所不同。

ISO 18844 测量类型 C(使用带有光阱的图表的单个图像)已添加到 Imatest 5.0 的 Imatest Uniformity 和 Uniformity Interactive 模块。 它的操作在Veiling Glare 页面中有描述。

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