IEC 62676:安防视频监控系统

Part 1— System and Performance Requirements

Standard available on System Requirements, Performance Requirements

Part 2 — Video transmission protocols: General Requirements and IP interoperability implementation based on Web services

Standard available on General Requirements, IP Interoperability

Part 3 — Analog and digital video interfaces

Standard available on

Part 4 — Application Guidelines

Standard available on

Part 5 — Specifications and Image Quality Performance for Camera devices

This section is most relevant to Image Quality testing. IEC 62676 is in line with ISO 15739 which is supported by Imatest.

Using Imatest’s 150dB 36-Patch Ultra-HDR test chart along with the DarkWorld mask complies with the target as defined in  This chart can be illuminated by the ITI LED Lightbox which is available in a 100,000lux variation which meets the requirement of the standard.

Section describes how the dynamic range calculation is performed.

Part 6 — Video content analytics — Performance testing and grading

work in progress on

Test Charts
  • Sinusoidal Siemens Star test target
  • eSFR ISO with extra wedges (Better than CIPA resolution target)

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